Belvidere Blasters Softball

Belvidere Blasters Softball

We will be fielding 4 teams this upcoming season: 11/12U, 14U, 18U and 18U RT
The following teams are still looking for players:

Blasters 11U/12U                         3-4
Blasters 14U                                  1-2
Blasters 18U                                  1-2
Blasters 18U RT                            1-2

For a private tryout please call Rich Tomman at 815-988-4545 or email

2014 18U Blasters
2-0_18U_Belv Blasters - 061A_Tomman Solberg
These girls had their best season ever with six top three finishes including two second place finishes in state! They also had a great run at nationals in Myrtle Beach going 3-2 in bracket play.
They finished the 2014 season being ranked 1st in Illinois and 8th in the nation (USSSA)